Corporate Policy


We set standards.
We preserve values.
For now. Forever.


Protect, repair, connect: DIAMANT products and services help our customers to avoid costs and preserve value.


  • protecting surfaces as composite materials and thus extending the service life of pipes, pumps, pipelines, containers, etc.
  • as repair materials, they correct defective castings and make them usable.
    protect porous structures
  • as impregnation materials and increase their durability.
  • As a “Liquid-Shim®”, they produce non-positive and positive-locking, full-surface and permanently corrosion-resistant connections without mechanical processing.

Product and application solutions from DIAMANT protect the environment and conserve resources.


  • Increasing the durability and service life of machines, systems and structures.
  • Reducing waste and thus unnecessary consumption of raw materials.
  • significantly help to repair defective products, machines, systems, structures and buildings and make them usable again.
  • Limit material losses.
  • Shorten construction times and thus also reduce energy consumption and wear and tear on the machines used.

Our mission statement

We work as a team – and respect each other as individual personalities.

Our strength as a DIAMANT community results from the actions and thinking of each and every one of us. The combination of our individual strengths, characters and ideas characterises our joint success. That is why fairness, honesty, trustworthiness, loyalty and respect characterise our dealings with each other – and our dialogue with our customers.

We can rely on the sense of responsibility of a family business – and see ourselves as part of the family.

Our company recognises the people in each of us, what makes them special and their personal aspects. This sets us apart from corporate groups and their treatment of employees. DIAMANT understands family as protection and reliability. As mutual trust. Exclusion and egotism have no place with us.

We make a promise to our customers – and therefore also to ourselves.

We promise our customers a first-class service in every respect. Keeping this promise also gives us a reassuring perspective: long-term job security thanks to satisfied, returning customers. This includes our assurance of constant further development and continuous improvement. In the interests and for the benefit of our customers – and to secure our own future.

We protect values, the environment – and ourselves.

With our products, we protect material assets, conserve resources and ensure sustainability. We also apply this to our own working environment. By avoiding waste, adhering to work guidelines and treating each other with respect.

Would you like to find out more about us, our mission and our guiding principles? Then simply get in touch with us directly. We look forward to your enquiry.

Our exclusive services for you

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Would you like expert advice on which of our products is best suited to your needs? Then contact us for a personal consultation. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you, whether you contact us by phone, fax or e-mail.

DIAMANT Polymer Customer service

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Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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