Injection resins

Injection resins

Precisely dosed application for results to the point

Injection resins from DIAMANT are the tried and tested guarantors for the precisely controllable filling of cavities, gaps, separating joints, etc. Available in numerous product variants and various consistencies, from low-viscosity to highly filled, they cover an enormous range of applications in industrial, commercial and construction environments. Among others as:

  • Mouldable plain bearings
  • Sliding coatings
  • Separation joint coverings
  • Adjustment casting compound
  • Gap levelling

Areas of application

Mouldable bearings

Injectable mouldable sliding surface systems from DIAMANT produce sliding surfaces and guideways moulded to micrometre precision thanks to the finest sliding fillers for the production or overhaul of high-precision, stick-slip-free sliding surfaces of any geometry. They allow dynamic elements to run smoothly, protect against abrasion and wear and thus significantly reduce manufacturing and operating costs. Even under unfavourable conditions, such as insufficient lubrication or high loads, they retain their outstanding properties.​

Sliding surfaces

Compared to conventional production methods, DIAMANT's injectable bonded coating systems produce bonded coatings both faster and more cost-effectively. The low-wear polymer systems have excellent damping properties with low static friction and outstanding stick-slip behaviour. These modern materials are also characterised by their high dimensional stability and chemical resistance, particularly when used with cooling lubricants and bedway oils.

Separation joint coverings

DIAMANT parting line coverings designed as injection resins are ideal for the uncomplicated and highly precise fitting of neighbouring elements. Thanks to the principle of moulding technology, production-related inaccuracies in the micrometre range are effortlessly compensated for without any mechanical processing.

Adjustable casting compounds

Adjustment moulding compounds that can be applied by injection ensure dimensionally stable tolerances on devices, components and machines. The ready-to-mix 2-component polymer systems are easy and safe to use without specialised knowledge.

Gap compensation

DIAMANT offers two-component reaction resin systems that can be injected and are highly filled with special metallic materials for absolutely positive and non-positive gap levelling. The systems, which can be applied on site, provide positive and non-positive gap levelling in just one work step and without mechanical reworking. Compared to conventional methods of gap levelling - such as using wedge plates or lining sheets - this saves considerable time and labour costs while offering greater flexibility, sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Thanks to their extreme compressive strength, low creep under load and virtually non-existent shrinkage, the materials are ideal for pre-stressed connections.
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Assembly service

With our gap levelling material, you can save time and money during installation. On your own or with the DIAMANT installation team - you decide. On request, our specially trained and experienced fitters will accompany or take over the use of MM1018 directly on site at the construction site. Save time and money, minimise effort and risk and avoid construction delays: Our liquid lining sheet® makes installation faster, more economical and safer.

Application service

DIAMANT offers user-friendly and targeted products and applications for practical applications. In addition to a customer-oriented approach ex works, we also support you on site with our application service and contract processing.


Own label

Filling and packaging of DIAMANT products as a private label of reusing customers. For example, also after joint product development or contract development.

Research & Development

Special solutions for special requirements. Not off the shelf, but to the point: DIAMANT Polymer GmbH develops and produces sophisticated solutions for specific requirements and individual customer requests.


Contract manufacturing

Why should you outsource the production of your chemical products to us as your full-service contract manufacturer? We offer you: in-depth expertise and advice for your production, our own laboratory for the best product quality, modern storage areas - also for hazardous substances and first-class production facilities.

Our exclusive services for you

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