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Separate, clean, protect: accessories for a secure and effective workflow

separator, cleaner and hand protection: Original accessories and equipment from the DIAMANT quality range

DIAMANT separator: silicone-free on the basis of a special wax

The silicone-free DIAMANT  Separator forms a separating layer on the basis of a special wax and thus prevents the adhesion of DIAMANT products with pinpoint accuracy in areas where this is not desired. The quality separator can be polished very simply with a soft cloth.

DIAMANT Seperator is available in the variants FL # 1354 (application by brush) and Spray # 1355 (Aerosol Can).

DIAMANT cleaner: clean adhesive surfaces for optimum results

The specially developed DIAMANT Cleaner reliably removes grease, oil and coolant residues as well as contaminants and thus produces a perfect adhesive surface for all DIAMANT products. 500 and 1000 ml containers are available in the consistencies fluid and spray.

DIAMANT liquid glove: invisible skin protection

Diamant liquid gloves
Step 1: wash hands
Step 2: extract paste
Step 3: apply paste

The proven DIAMANT liquid glove for the non-aqueous work area forms an invisible protective film on the skin. Unlike plastic gloves, the innovative DIAMANT liquid glove prevents sweating, since it allows the natural skin respiration. The DIAMANT liquid glove is over 85% biologically degradable, the remainder being environmentally neutral (chemically inert). Therefore, it can simply be rinsed off with tap water after use. The cream-white DIAMANT liquid glove is available in 500 and 1000 ml containers.

You would like to know more about the original accessories and equipment from the DIAMANT quality range ? Please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you.