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dichtol Application Areas

Metal impregnation / capillary-active sealing of micro-porous materials

Individually adjustable polymer system for dipping, brushing, injecting or spraying. Pinpoint application for maximum leak-tightness with minimum investment costs, without vacuum, without pressure.

DIAMANT dichtol is the innovative ready-to-use polymer system for the capillary-active impregnation of porosities on thermally sprayed layers as well as rapid-prototyping components and castings.

Product overview


Product name Product number Technical data sheet
dichtol HM #2407 Download
dichtol HTR #0977 Download
dichtol WF 49 #1849 Download
dichtol WFT Standard #1532 Download
dichtol WFT Standard Spray #2087 Download
dichtol WFT Macro #1546 Download
dichtol WFT Macro Spray #2088 Download
dichtol HTWG Hydro #2506 Download
dichtol HTWG S #2505 Download

Flammspritzen einer Welle
Flame spraying of a shaft
die beschichtete Welle
the coated shaft
Versiegelung durch Aufsprühen
Sealing by spraying
Versiegelung durch Aufpinseln
Seal by brushing

dichtol: convincing properties, decisive advantages

  • wide range of application possibilities by
  • dipping
  • brushing
  • injecting
  • spraying
  • spot series impregnation
  • individual impregnation (of large components)
  • low investment costs
  • colourless, can be painted over
  • application without pressure or vacuum
  • resistant to aggressive solvents, alkalis and acids
  • resistant to corrosion and weathering
  • efficient material consumption
  • short drying time
  • simple application without special knowledge
  • drinking water approval
Wide range of application possibilities
deep impregnation

Impregnation of foundry products

Impregnation of thermal coatings

Surface finishing in rapid prototyping

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