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Thermal Spraying

Safety in depth: capillary impregnation and sealing of thermal spray coatings

Reliable protection against the infiltration of water, oils, air, gases and foreign bodies. Sustainable quality with extremely short process time and low costs.

For process-related reasons, thermal spray coatings always exhibit a certain residual porosity and in some cases also micro-cracks. That makes them gas- and water-permeable, leading to the formation of corrosion under the coating. Possible consequences are the spalling of the coating due to corrosion, weakened mechanical properties or reduced resistance to abrasion. In every case the expected lifetime of the usually cost-intensive thermal spray coating is shortened.

flame spraying on a wave
flame spraying on a roller

microporous structure with RBSD

sealing by spraying
sealing by spraying

sealing by brushing
sealing by brushing

Reliable even with dense layers

Conventional sealants protect only to a certain extent, since they are limited to the surface. dichtol from DIAMANT Metallplastic, conversely, penetrates into even the smallest of pores and as a result impregnates the treated surfaces in depth in addition to sealing the surface. In this way, the thermal spray coating is protected after machining. dichtol develops it´s effect also with dense layers such as HVOF-sprayed coatings.

dichtol: convincing properties, decisive advantages

  • capillary deep impregnation
  • permanent corrosion protection of the layer
  • extension of the service life through the avoidance of corrosion
  • customization: adaptation of the sealant to individual customer requirements
  • temperature-resistant to 300 °C, with dichtol HTR to 500 °C
  • application to hot surfaces possible with dichtol HM up to 120 °C
  • solvent resistant
  • sealant with up to 100% solid content (improved dielectric strength)

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